n. impermeability to radiation, quality of not allowing radiation to pass through

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Radiopacity — refers to the relative inability of electromagnetism to pass through a particular material, particularly X rays. Dense materials that prevent the passage of electromagnetic radiation are called radiopaque . The term refers to the relative opaque… …   Wikipedia

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  • radiopacity — noun a) the state of being opaque to X rays b) a measure of this state …   Wiktionary

  • radiopacity — The x ray shadow of a radiopaque object. SYN: radiodensity. * * * ra·di·opac·i·ty .rād ē ō pas ət ē n, pl ties the quality or state of being radiopaque * * * ra·di·opac·i·ty (ra″de o pasґĭ te) the property of being radiopaque …   Medical dictionary

  • radiopacity — ra·di·opacity …   English syllables

  • radiopacity — noun opacity to X rays or other radiation • Syn: ↑radio opacity • Derivationally related forms: ↑radiopaque • Hypernyms: ↑opacity * * * ˌrādē+ noun Etymology: radio + opacity …   Useful english dictionary

  • radiopaque — radiopacity /ray dee oh pas i tee/, n. /ray dee oh payk /, adj. opaque to radiation; visible in x ray photographs and under fluoroscopy (opposed to radiotransparent). Cf. radiolucent. [1925 30; RADI(O) + OPAQUE] * * * …   Universalium

  • radiodensity — SYN: radiopacity. * * * ra·dio·den·si·ty den(t) sət ē n, pl ties RADIOPACITY * * * ra·dio·den·si·ty (ra″de o denґsĭ te) radiopacity …   Medical dictionary

  • Glass ionomer cement — A Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) is one of a class of materials commonly used in dentistry as filling materials and luting cements. These materials are based on the reaction of silicate glass powder and polyalkeonic acid. These tooth coloured… …   Wikipedia

  • Radiopaque — Anything that does not let X rays or other types of radiation penetrate. Radiopaque objects block radiation. They are opaque to radiation. A metal object, for example, is typically radiopaque. If a child swallows a coin and it goes down into the… …   Medical dictionary

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